UT Care Products Ltd provide the answer to your perineal needs

The VALLEY® Cushion is a unique pain-management system that has been scientifically designed and clinically proven to relieve most perineal conditions not achieved using a ring cushion. 

The VALLEY® Cushion’s unique channel shape helps circulation and speeds repair. Scientifically designed ischial pads with independent inflation control provide comfort for individual needs. 

The VALLEY® Cushion is available to buy or hire.

The VALLEY® cushion was originally developed as a replacement for the ring cushion to ease postnatal pain (mothers with lacerations or episiotomy problems) but it has since gained a reputation for easing pain associated with other ‘mid-line’ wounds. Unlike the ‘ring’ cushion, the VALLEY® cushion will not compromise blood circulation or lymphatic drainage and will not, therefore, impede wound repair. The unique features of the cushion are achieved by using a combination of foam and air to provide a comfortable seating platform on either side of a central, pressure-relieving channel running from the front to the back of the cushion. Inflation can be adjusted to each side to suit individual needs.

Service providers in Colorectal/Stoma Care, Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund, Oncology and Postnatal Departments find that the majority of their patients suffering perineal/perianal pain and discomfort benefit from using the VALLEY® cushion.

An alternative ‘slim’ version suitable for use in the car or at the office is also available.