The VALLEY® Cushion is the leading pain-management system that will help with:

Post-operative Care – Surgical Wounds

After Birth Care – Episiotomies – Tears and Bruising

APER – Rectal Surgery

Perineal Radiotherapy Reactions

Prolapse – Haemorrhoids – Coccyx Pain – and other Perineal Conditions

Unlike other inferior cushions; The VALLEY® Cushion promotes blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and wound repair meaning a quicker healing rate.

The VALLEY® Cushion is widely used within the NHS including Colorectal/Stoma Care, Oncology, Radiotherapy Care, and Postnatal Care. Service providers find that the majority of their patients suffering perineal pain and discomfort benefit from using The VALLEY® Cushion.

Here is what one Senior Occupational Therapist said about The VALLEY® Cushion:

“This cushion offers a positional level of support which is unique. The majority of cushions are a solid square, whether gel-filled or foam, and any patient who has severe pubic area pain cannot tolerate these other cushions. This gives them the freedom to go out and sit down elsewhere.”

VALLEY® is a registered trademark of UT Care Products Ltd