The VALLEY®-SV Cushion

Cushion Features

  • Combination of foam and air to enhance comfort
  • Central pressure-relieving channel runs from front to back to enhance circulation in area of injury
  • 45 x 46 x 5 cm
  • 1 pump provides adjustable inflation to each side to suit individual need

The VALLEY®-SV Cushion is a Slim Version (SV) of the VALLEY® Cushion and designed to be portable for people on the move. It uses the same design principles as The VALLEY® Cushion, including independent inflation to each side. Of compact design and fitted with a handle, the VALLEY®-SV Cushion can be carried easily to the office, cinema or just around the home. A special anti-slip underside keeps it firmly positioned when travelling. The VALLEY®-SV Cushion is for those who are experiencing discomfort rather than severe pain.

The VALLEY®-SV Cushion is scientifically designed to provide a cost effective non-invasive pain management system to relieve pain from the “mid-line” areas around the perineum when seated.                        The VALLEY®-SV Cushion has been clinically proven to alleviate most perineal/perianal pain and conditions. The VALLEY®-SV Cushion can be used in any chair and while travelling.

The VALLEY®-SV Cushion comes with a pump so the cushion can be adjusted to the individual needs.

The VALLEY®-SV Cushion comes with a waterproof Blue Cover which is  a ‘breathable’ waterproof cover that can be simply wiped with antibacterial spray if it gets dirty or soiled. Also available for The VALLEY®-SV Cushion is a COOLTECH™ Cover. The COOLTECH™ Cover is hygienic disposable cover that is waterproof, stretchable and breathable, which means it will not become hot or sticky when in use. The COOLTECH™ Cover is designed to go over                      The VALLEY®-SV Cushion and will protect the cushion from bodily fluids.

Unlike the old-fashioned and out-dated ‘ring’ style cushion that will adversely affect lymphatic drainage and circulation, The VALLEY®-SV Cushion will prevent wound breakdown and reduce the risk of tissue trauma giving peace of mind that the cushion is healing not harming. The VALLEY®-SV Cushion is guaranteed for 1 year, but engineered for long term use.

The benefits of The VALLEY® Cushion

  • Marked reduction on the reliance of any analgesia for pain relief
  • Quicker healing rate
  • Overwhelming preferences for its effectiveness in comparison to the ‘ring’ cushion or other appliances
  • Reduced risk of wound breakdown

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