90.5% of those we have asked thought The VALLEY® Cushion was “good/very good/excellent”.

92.5% would recommend The VALLEY® Cushion to others.

In a National Childbirth Trust (NCT) survey of 326 mothers who had used the VALLEY® Cushion, 89% said they found the cushion ‘good’, ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.

Statements by mothers who have used the VALLEY® Cushion following childbirth:

  • “The VALLEY® Cushion is my best friend”
  • “The VALLEY® Cushion let me sit to feed where I had previously been lying, kneeling or standing. Worth hiring”
  • “Would use again when I have another child. I found it so much more comfortable using the cushion”
  • “It really helped with the healing and my state of mind as it was very uncomfortable sitting. Very comfortable cushion”
  • “Would recommend it to anyone. Excellent comfort for feeding and relaxing post birth”
  • “An absolute God send! The VALLEY® Cushion enabled me to focus on and enjoy my baby rather than being distracted by my pain and discomfort. Fantastic product that got me through the first couple of weeks after giving birth”

The Colorectal/Stoma Care Department of Wexham Park Hospital says:

“VALLEY® Cushions are very useful for patients having an APER (rectal surgery)”

Comments from a patient suffering from Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (Prostatodynia):

  • “The device is lightweight and portable”
  • “It is easily adjustable and customisable”
  • “It is quite discreet”
  • “Though pain relief wasn’t immediate, or complete, over time reductions in pain levels were evident.”

Comments by someone suffering from Parkinson’s Disease:

“Since having The VALLEY® Cushion I find that by inflating one side of the cushion more than the other, it compensates for my weaker side and I am able to sit upright and maintain a good position”

Comments by a Nurse Specialist based at St James University Hospital, Leeds:

“I first came across The VALLEY® Cushion 6 years ago when I took up my post as Chemoradiotherapy Nurse Specialist for Gynaecology. The VALLEY® Cushion has been of great benefit to our radiotherapy patients. Patients having radiotherapy to the pelvic area can sometimes develop very painful and broken areas to the perineum. This makes sitting very uncomfortable, especially on long journeys to the hospital for treatment. The VALLEY® Cushion works in such a way as to relieve pressure on this sore area. We have found that by offering patients these cushions, we are also giving them more freedom to go out to restaurants, or to see friends, when otherwise they could feel isolated.”