The ‘Ring’ Cushion vs The VALLEY® Cushion

The ‘Ring’ Cushion

Clinical studies have shown that The ‘Ring’ Cushion does relieve directly applied pressure within the centre of the ring. However, the circumferential pressure that the cushion generates does affect the venous and lymphatic drainage of the soft tissues within the ring and hence can lead to increased oedema and therefore pain.

“Doughnut-type devices are believed to adversely affect lymphatic drainage and circulation, and thus are likely to cause rather than  prevent pressure ulcers (AHCPR, 1992).”-Royal College of Nursing. ‘Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment and Prevention’2001.

“Doughnut shaped devices (eg. ring cushions) are known to cause venous congestion and oedema. Crewe (1987) reported that ring cushions are more likely to cause pressure ulcers than to prevent them(Bergstrom et al 1992).”-Ministry of Health. ‘Prediction and Prevention of Pressure Ulcers in Adults’ 2001.

““Doughnut” or ring cushions should not be used as they may exacerbate rather than prevent the risk of ulceration.”-National Institute of Health. ‘ABC of wound healing Pressure Ulcers’ 2006.

The VALLEY® Cushion

The VALLEY® Cushion has been scientifically designed to relieve pressure and reduce pain in the perineal area. It has a central channel, running from front to rear, the depth of which can be altered by independently inflating each side of the cushion. This allows the degree of support to be varied by the patient and so reduces pressure and associated discomfort. The channel is tapered to allow use by people of varying ischial widths and shaped to allow most of a person’s weight to be supported on the outer edge of each ischium and (partly) on the ‘trochanteric shelves’.

When a study was conducted with The VALLEY® Cushion none of the patients developed pressure sores or had a breakdown in the integrity of their wounds whilst using the cushion. 90% of these patients stated that the cushion relieved soreness to the extent that they did not feel the need to take any analgesia or could reduce the analgesia they were taking.

The Results

The VALLEY® Cushion is a far superior pain management solution as it will not compromise blood circulation or lymphatic drainage. It’s unique features will enable the patient to sit again with ease and comfort!