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The VALLEY® Cushion Mummy Club

Welcome to The VALLEY® Cushion Baby & Toddler Show

The VALLEY® Cushion is the leading pain management system that is scientifically design and clinically proven to alleviate pain and discomfort in the perineal area after giving birth. Its unique features will enable you to sit again with ease and comfort and concentrate on the most important thing; your new baby.

The VALLEY® Cushion features foam and two independently inflatable bags that are fully adjustable to suit your after birth care needs:

· Surgical wounds – Episiotomies – Tears – Stitches

· Swelling – Bruising – General Discomfort

This is Zara’s story:

The Baby & Toddler Show Offer:

Hire The VALLEY® Cushion for 3 weeks for £37.50 plus Next Day Delivery (RRP£57.50) Pay £5.00 deposit now and pay the rest when you are ready for The VALLEY® Cushion*.

We understand you will not need the cushion right away. Once you have paid the £5.00 deposit we will send you an email confirmation and ask you for your due date. When your date gets closer, we will send you an email to remind you that you have booked The VALLEY® Cushion to hire for 3 weeks. When you are ready for the cushion, send us an email or give us a ring and we will sort out the delivery for you .

*the £5.00 deposit is non-refundable. Terms and Conditions apply for The VALLEY® Hire Cushion.

Why choose The VALLEY® Cushion?

Unlike the old ‘ring’ cushion, The VALLEY® Cushion will not compromise blood circulation or lymphatic drainage. It’s unique features are achieved by the use of a combination of foam and air to provide a comfortable seating platform on either side the central pressure relieving channel (the ‘valley’). Each side can be inflated independently and adjusted to suit the individual requirements of each user.

More Information about The Valley® Cushion:

Here is an article from Maternity & Midwifery Forum about The VALLEY® Cushion:

If you have any questions we are happy to help we will be available by email all weekend: Contact Us

31st August 2020

Welcome to The VALLEY® Cushion Mummy Club. On here I will posting things I found really helpful as a new mum including; information about The VALLEY® Cushion and it’s benefits, activities I enjoyed doing with my munchkins and guides on what I found useful at different stages of my munchkin’s lives. First of all a little bit about me.

Hi, I’m Steph. How are you doing?

When I was a school all I wanted to do was look after babies (they are so cute! Little did I know what that really meant, but more about that later). When it came to choosing my career it was no brainier – childcare. I went to college and got my degree in Childcare and Education and landed myself a job in a Private Nursery working my way up to Deputy Manager. While working, I met my future husband, got married, got a house and then it happened I got pregnant. We were really excited to extend our little family, but I had mixed emotions about my career and my future. As my pregnancy progressed I came to the conclusion I wanted to make sure home life outbalanced work life. As my due
date got closer we were really excited (and impatient) to meet our little Spud.

And then it started. Labour. Words cannot describe the incredible (and painful) experience of labour. It is amazing what your body goes through during labour. I started with contractions early in the afternoon and thought here we
go! I tried to sleep that night but it was impossible. I stood looking out the window, doubled up in pain, thinking how long is this going to last. I looked over my shoulder and saw my husband, Will, sound asleep (well that is just typical, hehe). The morning came and I was exhausted. My contractions weren’t close enough together yet to go to hospital, so I had a bath and got back in bed. Late afternoon came and my contractions were getting stronger and closer together. Will phoned the hospital to see if we could go in yet. They asked to talk to me, I took hold of the phone and they asked me a few questions (I can’t remember what the questions were, I was just thinking I WANT THIS PAIN TO STOP) but I got told if you can talk on the phone you can’t be that far along so stay a little longer at home and take some Paracetamol (WHAT!) Will ran me another bath as I was pacing around trying to fight through the pain (by the way the Paracetamol didn’t do anything). A little while later my Mum came to see how I was getting on. I was still in the bath but could not
move for the pain as the contractions were so close together. So she said forget what the hospital said you are going.

We got to the hospital and waited for what seemed like forever to be seen. When they finally got me strapped up onto the monitor and finally got me gas and air, they examined me and said I was 8 cm dilated! They quickly got me into
a labour room and we settled in. By this time I was beyond exhausted and thought how am I going to have the strength to push. But you have no choice! It was time to push. I pushed and pushed and pushed! but she just wouldn’t appear.
They decided to help out and use a suction cup. I ended up with a 4th degree tear and an episiotomy but she was born and she was perfect. I wasn’t. There were complications with the placenta so I was rushed into theatre for them to
remove it. I was given an epidural and I thought this is amazing if only I had this hours ago. When they had finished with me I went back to the labour room and found Will holding our new little baby and our new life as a three began.

Then the epidural wore off!! I felt everything: bruising, swelling, stitches. Labour pains were forgotten and a whole new set of pains took over. While I was lying in the hospital bed it wasn’t so bad but when I sat up, WOW! I couldn’t do anything to relieve the pain I was suffering. And then I had a baby to look after, how was I going to do it? Then my Dad came to the rescue. My Dad manufactures The VALLEY Cushion for UT Care Products and brought me one. Finally I could sit down and concentrate on what really mattered caring for my new baby. I used The VALLEY Cushion everywhere. Not only did it give relief to my physical pain but also to my mental state. I could now relax. From then on things got easier.

As my maternity leave was nearing its end, I was more adamant then ever I wanted to spend more time with little munchkin. So together, we decided that when it was time for me to go back to work I would only go back 3 days a week. Unfortunately, the nursery I worked for wasn’t in position to offer me part time work so I was really unsure of what to do. Then my Dad came to the rescue again and said he needed someone to help run the day to day running of The VALLEY® Cushion for UT Care Products and the rest, as they say, is history.