Guard 80 – Sanitiser for The VALLEY® Cushion


Guard 80 is a specially formulated alcohol based cleaner perfect for The VALLEY® Cushion. Guard 80 is effective at combating many types of bacteria and viruses including Influenza A, Rhinovirus and certain strains of Coronavirus.

Guard 80 meets BS EN 14476 (viruses), BS EN 1276 (bacteria) and BS EN 1650 (food safe) standards. Manufactured in the UK to World Health Organisation specifications for sanitising products.

Guard 80 can be quickly applied to the whole cushion. Fast drying and with a pleasant odour, this product can be used to disinfect The VALLEY® Cushion without causing major disturbances to normal usage or introducing strong unpleasant smells.

The foam cushion will soak up any moister it comes in contact with making sanitising it with everyday cleaners very difficult. Guard 80 will not soak the foam so it is the ideal product to be applied to the foam cushion.

Guard 80 is the ideal holistic product to clean and sanitise the whole of The VALLEY® Cushion; including the foam cushion, the cover and pump.

Guard 80 can be applied to any surface, so it is the one stop product to clean and sanitise.

Guard 80 comes in a handy 400ml Can that will sanitise 15 VALLEY® Cushions. That’s less than 50p per cushion!



Sanglier Guard 80 TDS Aerosol (V1)

Sanglier Guard 80 .f Aerosol 200ml, 400ml en


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