VALLEY®-SV – complete with Waterproof Cover


The VALLEY®-SV is a Slim Version of The VALLEY® Cushion and is fitted with a handle to make it easily portable. The VALLEY®-SV Cushion has been scientifically designed with a combination of foam and independently inflatable bags creating a central channel that relieves pressures and reduces pain in the perineal area. The VALLEY®-SV Cushion comes with a pump so the cushion can be adjusted to the individual needs. A special anti-slip underside keeps it firmly positioned while travailing.

The Waterproof Cover is a ‘breathable’ waterproof fabric that can be cleaned with Guard 80 or wiped with antibacterial spray.

The VALLEY®-SV Cushion is designed to relieve pain from the perineal area when seated. It is particularly useful when sitting would normally cause pain or discomfort due to perineal lacerations, episiotomies, unhealed wounds, bruising etc. The VALLEY®-SV Cushion allows sustained sitting (hours at a time). The cushion’s central channel, running from back to front, is tapered with the narrow end located between the two inflation values. This allows the cushion to be used by a wide range of differently-sized individuals. The two air bags, inside The VALLEY®-SV Cushion, are inflated independently with the hand pumps provided. The user can sit on the cushion and adjust each side of the cushion to suit their needs.

Unlike the old-fashioned and out-dated ‘ring’ style cushion that will adversely affect lymphatic drainage and circulation, The VALLEY®-SV Cushion will prevent wound breakdown and reduce the risk of tissue trauma giving peace of mind that the cushion is healing not harming.

The VALLEY®-SV Cushion is guaranteed for 1 year, but engineered for long term use

Discounts available for quantity orders, contact us for more details.

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